5th Gear Business!

5th Gear Business!

Partner with GoToNative. If you are a website owner make money showing GTN Native Ads on your site. If you are a small business owner sell more your goods & services, find more customers like never before - RIGHT NOW!

Make money with us!

Make money with us!

Do you own website, small blog, thematic Forum, news portal or similar? Quickly Register, Copy short ready-made Ad code and Paste it where you want to display GTN Native Ads. Every time someone click on GTN Ads on your site YOU make money. We share with you up to 80% of our profit!

Boost your SALES!

Boost your SALES!

Advertise your goods and services, reach out to more people, find more customers. Make more money. Register, quickly add your Ads and top up your Advertiser balance. It is THAT SIMPLE! Your Ads would be show to thousands of potential customers making you MORE PROFIT!


What is GTN all about?

GTNGoToNative is SELF-SERVICE Native Advertising platform.

GTN collects at one place thousands of  Advertisers – individuals and small-to-large business owners who want to find more customers, and thousands of Publishers – small to large web site owners who display GTN Native Ads across their web properties  sharing profit with GTN

GTN provide easy to use yet very powerful platform both to Advertisers and Publishers. Save your time and  money, focus on what you love to do – selling goods and services as an Advertiser, or creating and managing your website as a Publisher. Leave the rest to us.

What we offer to Advertisers?

GoToNative platform make possible for every business owner, even individual, to reach out to thousands of people all over the globe, promoting both brand and affiliated goods and services for cheap and on easy way –  with just a few mouse clicks!

Quickly add your creatives – image, text and link to your  (pre)landing page and watch your sales boost all from a comfort of your home!

Your Ads would be shown only to people you want to reach out, based on the powerful Targeting settings we provide to you. Select GEO , device, language, visitor interests like home and decor, beauty and healthy living, food, travel, music, movies, computers and gaming etc etc, time and a day of the week when you want to see your Ads running. Pause, edit, turn it on or off anytime you want. Change budget, Cost you are willing to pay – you are in control. GTN is a self-service platform – we give you complete control over your Ads,  budget and costs.

It costs you just a few cents to get a real visitor to your Sales page. Make it standing out and boom you will make sales!

Even better, we provide you with  detailed reports with many filters to use and find your sweat spots that bring you the highest ROI

Minimum initial deposit is just $50 but, as that is not enough, we will give you $25 BONUS as soon as you top up your balance for the first time!

We are very friendly and helpful to all our partners regardless budget they have. Are you just an individual working as an affiliate or a big brand who spend with us thousands of $ we do our best to be here whenever you need our help.  Everyone is welcomed here!

What is our offer to Publishers?

If you have a blog, forum, news portal small or big, doesn’t matter, open account with us, and grab a short ready-made code from your back office. Copy and Paste it there you want to show GTN Ads. Every time your blog readers click on any of the ads from our Advertisers, YOU get a share of the money we’ve charged our Advertiser. Register and start monetizing your blog today!

We share with our Publishers up to 80% of our profit,. We have tons of advertisers many who are eagerly waiting for you to join and display their Ads on your site.  With a minimum threshold of just a $25 and NET7  weekly  payment terms you will benefit  from GTN Native Ads pretty soon

Your blog readers visit your blog / forum / news portal even while you sleep. Some will get curious about outstanding GTN NativeAds we display to them,  click them, and that makes you money. 

Don’t panic if you are just starting – we are beginner friendly platform and have step-by-step tutorials to walk you thought the whole process.

We provide you for free, with  very detailed reports and real-time statistics, so you can plan your next steps to increase your earnings. 

GTN Ad Blocks are responsive so Ads will always show up correctly regardless the visitor device / browser / screen resolution.  They fit perfectly both on desktop and mobile. But if that is not enough, you have a total control to set Ad Blocks how you wish – number of ads, Ad grid size, Fonts, colors … so they fit PERFECTLY into your existing blog design. 

If you already work with other Native platforms, or Google AdSense, no worries – our Ad code is compatible with them. Find a place to put our Ads, and see the difference.

What are Native Ads, how they look like, how everything works?

Native Ads are combination of clickable Image and Text bellow the image. That are the Ads added by GTN Advertisers from their back-office. Advertisers upload images and write a short Call To Action Text, and set a link to their landing / Sales page.  As soon after quick moderation by GTN Team, that Ads are than automatically displayed on GTN Publishers websites. Visitors of that websites would see them, and some will click to learn more. 

Every Click gets recorded. A small amount so called CPCCost Per Click,  usually a dollar cent or 2, will be deducted from the balance of the Advertiser whose Ad was clicked. Up to 80% of that money will be automatically added to the earnings  balance of the Publisher from whose website Ad was clicked. The rest GTN keeps to maintenance the network. The whole process is completely automated. Advertisers should provide Ads and set targeting options – system will take care of the rest, so right Ads gets displayed in front of the right people, who match targeting options set by Advertisers. Publishers place a small code on their websites so Ads will load automatically. Both Advertisers and Publishers do all this once and then focus on their main business – i.e. Advertisers can focus on their new customers fulfilling orders etc… while Publishers can focus on their web site content, bringing new visitors to their websites etc, while GTN will take care that everything works smoothly.



Platform is quite simple to use, yet powerful. With just a few clicks Ads can start running


You are in the complete control how much you want to pay per click, and set the budget


Detailed but clear and well organized statistics sorted by useful filters helps you understand the numbers and results. This way you can easily define your next steps, i.e. should you increase or decrease the budget, CPC, change Marketing angle, Ad creative or CTA, optimize your Sales pages etc  to quickly reach your desired ROI


Plenty of targeting options helps you to ensure your Ads are shown only to  your best prospects


Our Moderation TEAM will review your Ads ASAP. Nothing is more frustrating than long time to see your Ads running, and we know that. 


Unparalleled Support anytime you have questions



If you have a web site, blog, forum, news portal.. WE OFFER


GTN Ads will start showing on your web site right away after quick moderation. Even while you're waiting for moderation, which is by the way quick, you can place the Ad Block code on your site and be ready.


Earnings report is updated in the real time. Beside that we show you all other statistics like number of impressions, clicks, CTR, placements etc so you can know what's going on. If you have more than one website, you can check all stats individually.


We use NET7 - weekly payment terms. Beside usual cash out options like PayPal, Crypto, bank transfer ... you can individually arrange other cash out options, if we can, we will do that for you


Even Publishers with smallest traffic can get significant bonuses and bumps if their traffic converts well. We look for Quality not just quantity.

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