GoToNative Tracking Tokens

GTN Tracking Tokens allow you to learn more about traffic you get as an advertiser in GTN platform. You also need a tracker to use them. We suggest the BeMob tracker which offers completely FREE 100,000 “events”, which is about 30,000 clicks per month. If you would ever need more, BeMob prices are very affordable. Check it out

Tracker is not mandatory to advertise on the GoToNative native Ad network. However, in order to better optimize your Ad campaigns and thus reach a better ROIReturn On Investment, it is advisable to have more data for analysis. One of the most important are GTN publisher’s domain addresses from which your clicks come and conversion tracking. This way you will know which domains to blacklist – ones that do NOT bring you results and stop paying for clicks that have no effect. After that you can increase your CPC to get more traffic from domains that are profitable for you.

An example of how to add GoToNative MACROs :{site}&camp_id={camp-id}&ad_id={ad-id}&date={datetime}

{site} – domain name of the publisher site from which you’ve got a visitor

{camp-id} – your Campaign ID, that contain clicked Ad

{ad-id} – ID of the Ad that was clicked

{date} – date of the click in the format “2019-05-25”

{time} – time of the click in the format “19-45”

{fulltime} – full time of the click in the format “19-45-58”

{device} – type of visitor’s device (Computer, Tablet, Mobile)

{cost} – Substitute the cost per action i.e. price you’ve paid for a click

EXAMPLE how to use GoToNative tracking tokens with BeMob tracker