Web Site / Landing Page guidelines

Both for Publishers and Advertisers there are some limitations what sort of website we accept to show ads on ( for Publishers ) and what sort of websites are acceptable as Landing Sales pages ( for Advertisers ). Limitations are in both cases very similar. GoToNative reserve rights to deny without explanation any site / ad creative even in case they were initially accepted. .

  • sites that contain scenes of violence, torture, mutilated bodies, body parts, blood and injuries
  • sites that promote violence of any kind
  • sites that promote racism, or hate speech toward religious views, nationality, sexual  orientation, political vies etc
  • political parties portals, forums, web properties
  • sites about drugs, weapons, pornography, alcohol, tobacco, betting and other topics that require a special license
  • sites infected with malware, viruses, or refer users to other sites with illegal content
  • sites that automatically install programs on a user’s computer, or initiate an automatic download, or install add-ons in a visitor’s browser
  • sites that lock their content until user click on Ads (“content locking”)
  • fishing sites that emulate other sites for stealing user data
  • sites with poor content whose primary purpose is to display Ads
  • sites that host pirated materials – videos, audios, software, eBooks, etc .. or link to such content

GoToNative reserves the right to reject any site without the obligation to provide an explanation.