I have a blog I would like to display your ads and make money from them, how can I do that?


Registration of new publishers  is very easy. All you need to do is to fill out short registration form. Login into your account, add a link to your site and within 24 hours, usually much faster, your site will be approved. It is not necessary to have a lot of traffic to become our partner.

The next step is to copy a short prepared “code” from inside your GTN account and place it on your site where you want GTN ads to appear. You can also use some of the Ad Managers, for example one you use for AdSense. For WordPress very good one, and free, is AdInserter, with which you can set where you want ads to appear automatically. This require just a little of your time only once and you can continue to deal with your site and bring visitors to it. You earn money from every click of your visitors on GTN ads, and you can track complete click and earnings statistics in the real time from your GTN account dashboard.