What is GoToNative and how can I make money from GTN?

Category: GENERAL

GTN short of Go To Native is a native advertising platform. On the one hand, there are advertisers who pay the price per click on their ads, which are displayed on the websites of publishers. So, publishers are people who have blogs connected to GTN so Ads of our Advertisers can be shown.

GTN makes money from its advertisers when someone clicks on Ad. The person who clicked on the advertiser’s Ad will be redirected in his/her Browser to the advertiser’s Sales page where Advertiser offers his products and services and thus increases his sales. Up to 80% of the money GTN collects from advertisers is distributed back to the webmasters (publishers) who displayed clicked Ad. The rest is the revenue of the GTN platform from which it is maintained.

All this might sound “complicated” but in the reality we take care of everything and you focus on what you love to do! If you are an advertiser all you need to do is to setup your campaign and Ads, and top up your balance. When keep focusing on your Sales and new customer. And, if you are a Publisher, all you need to do is to place a small code we gave you, once. After that focus on your business – create content for your blog, and promote your content to the general public. Both advertisers and publishers will get detailed and easy to understand statistic inside GTN Dashboard.