What is Native advertising?


Native Ads fit naturally ( “natively ) into existing blog content. Unlike banners that usually stand out, native Ad blocks looks more like additional “recommended content” for a visitors to read. Over time, due to extensive banner usage, people developed so called “banner blindness”. They simple start to ignore them, and as a consequence less and less advertisers were willing to spend money on banner advertising. Due to that more and more bloggers started to use Native Ads format to monetize their
blogs. Native ads are less disruptive for readers, yet very effective. Today you would hardly find any serious blog without Native Ads by at least 2 different networks.

Native Ads are basically Image and Text. Image is graphic creative that rise curiosity, while Text bellow the image is short few words text that serve as CTA – Call To Action. Both are linked to Advertiser’s Landing page, pre-landing page or Sales page. Some Advertiser use Native Ads to sell goods and services, while others look for more readers, and potentially new subscribers.

Native Ads are grouped in blocks. Block contain a matrix of Ads from just 1 Ad (1×1 matrix ) to up to 25 Ads in a single block (5×5 matrix ). GoToNative Ad Blocks are responsive i.e. they automatically adopt to the visitor browser and screen resolution to display correctly. Publisher can further tweak Ad Blocks and change their color scheme , font, size to make them look more like a natural part of their blog.