What is Native advertising?

Native Ads fit naturally ( “natively ) into existing blog content. Unlike banners that usually stand out, native Ad blocks looks more like additional “recommended content” for a visitors to read. Over time, due to extensive banner usage, people developed so called “banner blindness”. They simple start to ignore them, and as a consequence less …

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What is the minimum monthly traffic new Publishers have to have?

We don’t have such pre-condition. We look for quality traffic, more than quantity. Site has to have at least 5 posts, should be accessible in browser, completely operational without broken parts, and fully functional. Beside that it has to meet our minimum Web Site / Landing Page guidelines

How I can cash out?

Publishers can be paid in several ways, depending primarily on the country of their residence, and eventual limits set by their local Country law and Bank regulations. All popular payment methods are supported – payment to the bank account, PayPal, crypto … Before your first payment, you will arrange with our support which method is …

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